Amazing Software

Probably the most advanced photo booth in the world!


Our brand new green screen booth which now allows the users to choose from more than 1000 print and background combinations using the magic of chroma key green screen technology.

The green screen dream machine features user selectable print layout allowing the user to choose how their 6″x4″ photos are printed, choose from classic double strips, 4 large photos, 1 large 4 small or our new photo mosaic layout.

Photos are shot against a green screen curtain using a high quality DSLR camera and printed instantly using a high quality Dye Sub Printer which are instantly dry and ready to take away within just 10 seconds!

Using a choice of std 21″ screen or our massive 42″ touch screen HD display version users initially choose from one of the 12 mode options.

12 User selectable modes

Pop Art – NEW mode
Create your very own pop art style print

Wish You Were Here – NEW mode
Using our unique new randomisation system the booth picks one of more than 100 random worldwide landmarks and creates your very own postcard

The Photo Booth Lottery – NEW mode
Can’t decide which mode to choose? let the booth select one of the modes for you at random, feeling lucky just press the start button

Custom – NEW mode
Allows you to customise your system by adding up to 5 of your own green screen background sets.

Celebrations – NEW mode
Select one of 7 celebrations theme sets including Birthday, Halloween, Valentines, Guy Fawkes and Christmas

Classic Booth – Now with more theme selections!
Allows users to choose the superimposed curtain colour curtain behind them for a classic photo booth feel

Green Screen Booth
Users select from 10 different themed greenscreen photo background sets which super impose different themed backgrounds behind each shot

3D Green Screen Booth – Now with updated theme selections!
Users become immersed in a choice of 10 themed background and foreground images putting them in the heart of the action and interacting with the themed images

Around The World
Travel to the 7 continents of the world with beautifully themed greenscreen sets including Europe, Africa and America

Time Machine
Travel back in time from Ancient Egypt and the Age Of Piracy to The Wild West and Prohibition with carefully created greenscreen themes

Big Edz – Now with more theme selections!
Your head on a diddy funky body with a choice of 7 different themed sets including Super Hero’s, Outer Space, Babies and Muscle Beach

Magazine Covers – Now with more theme selections!
Become the star on the cover on a choice of 5 ‘spoof’ magazines. Party hard in ‘VIP magazine’, become the gossip in ‘THE BOOTH’ or the star on the cover of ‘POP HITS’

Other new features include
The ability to pre select number of print copies on screen (hidden from user), built in audio voice prompts, double photo strips save as single strip in separate upload folder. Optional social media sharing via an iPad also available at additional cost